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"Our session was absolutely so helpful, it is hard to put into words, but I wanted to thank you so much. It’s great to know you’re doing this now as I would be far more likely to do this again than start seeing a therapist again.

It was so powerful. Things have shifted for me and I feel so much more joyful even when I don’t see the path ahead or I question how I will “get there” I am trusting and not worrying about it.

I am more present with people instead of being in my head. It’s truly remarkable and I’m so grateful. Thank you🙏🙏🙏" 


Bend, Oregon

"The sessions I’ve done with Laura have been very powerful and helped me on my journey of healing from deep emotional trauma and mental pain. What makes Laura so special is her passion for holistic healing combined with compassion for people in pain and her skill at helping you walk through it to overcome. Working with her feels safe and comfortable; you won’t find a more empathetic individual. You will be listened to, respected, and encouraged on your path to healing. Don’t expect all your struggles to magically end; but do expect to experience new perspectives on past painful experiences, healthy release of suppressed and hidden emotions, and a renewed sense of peace that will strengthen you to keep forging towards freedom. "


Bend, Oregon

Laura has been incredible to work with! Not only is she kind and funny but she has such a powerful way of helping you through your tapping sessions. I had no idea on what to expect before our first session together and I was nervous going into it. Laura was so calm and caring and provided so much support. She let me tell her exactly what I wanted to work on and she created a script in real time on what to say to tap through my anxiety and fear about certain situations. The relief I felt was almost immediate! I always feel so grounded, cleared, centered and at peace after I work with Laura. She truly is one of a kind and anyone who gets the chance to work with her should jump at the opportunity. 

~Payton L.

Petaluma, California

Laura was so great to have as my coach.  She was able to see my blind spots and get me out of my rut. I broke out of my self-defeating patterns and finally turned a corner on my food struggles. By doing that I was able to let more positivity into my life, which I was missing for a long time. Laura helped me recognize life long limiting beliefs and then erase them!  I didn't even know that it was possible to do that in one session. I highly recommend Laura's services, she's truly a gem and you'll get rid of a lot of baggage and feel amazing when you're done.
-Kristin Ann


Laura, I have been feeling so good since your treatment. I would love to get in there once a month and have you do whatever you're doing. 


Redmond, Oregon

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